Sunday, December 2, 2007

After Thanksgiving

Stuffed turkey or is it just me?
I forward a text message did you get it. Said something like “Keeping it short, Keeping it sweet Don’t over ear or you won’t be able to touch you feet! LOVE YOU.

HAPPY 43rd BIRTHDAY PETER PENA JR. Wednesday, Nov. 28th

Thanksgiving at my Mom’s house was bitter, sweet not traditional this year. We miss my Dad (Apa’, Welo, Grandpa) and Peter Jr. Mom and I got hungry before the turkey was ready so we nibbled on the potato dish and roast that I brought at 3:00 p.m. then just one hour later the turkey was done so we nibbled on it to, before everyone else arrived Hahaha!

Like most families, the major holidays’ have to be split between two set’s of Grandparents’ her Mom’s/his Mom’s So this Thanksgiving everyone went to their “other family” first for the lunch turkey dinner and my mom’s second for the turkey dinner and they were late! That’s alright it’s understandable. Thank your for comming. I had to leave early to have my second dinner with my other family to.

The Day after Thanksgiving we took the girls “Little Princesses” (including me) and saw “Enchanted” at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood the girls had so much fun.

This is the way I love my Little princesses the most. ASLEEP!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family tree? It's a FOREST!

How big is my family? I am number 5 from the top of 13 siblings.
My Dad Pedro Pena RIP, Mom Teresa. My Six brothers are: George, Ruben, Cresencio, Robert, Jose, and Peter. My six sisters are: Maria, Sabina, Diana, Elvira, Gloria, and Angelica.

My kids are Freddy and Gretchen (of 11 years), and the Twiniez Angelica and Angelina. They multiplied and gave me 7 grandkids. STOP! STOP! STOP! That is enough! NO MORE PLEASE!

From Freddy and Gretchen I have 3 grandkids Jay who is 12 years old, Samantha is 8, and Annessa is 4.

Angelica gave Chloey who 11 years old and Sarena is 10 years old.

Angelina gave me Joel who is 10 years old; Jackie Alina is 8 years old and the newest baby Xabier Samuel LeDesma just 3 months old.

There is a whole lot more most of my siblings are married and or with a significant others’ and definitely with children LOTS of kids, grandkids and great grandkids. I’m going to get a count update, don’t know it off the top of my head I’ll need help!

There are nephews, nieces, and some of them have kids too.

Some of my family members have the same names. Really! some even have the same first and last name. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Chingow!

Oh! Lets not forget the cousins. My Mom who is a twin and one of her sister's not a twin, married my Dad and his brother! and there is a sequel. Two of my triplet sisters are identical twins they in turn married two brothers!

Twins, triplets, twins, and more twins. Let’s see there is my mom and her twin, the triplets are sisters Diana, Vida, and Gloria. My daughters, Angelica and Angelina and two of my brothers had a set of twins each six months apart as if they where in some kind of race! They are Gilbert and Gabriel, Thomas and Nicolas. That’s just in my immediate family. My cousin have twins too. Esmi and Jason, Adam and David. Gosh I hope I didn’t miss any one. Well you will get to know them and see lots of pictures of everyone here.

My familia es mas loca! You not only see double you also see triple. No alcohol needed!

Then there is my significant other Albert Wright. His son is Brett, and daughters Heather, and Alissa. They are my other kids.

From Heather and Dan we have one grandson Angelo who is 2 years old and another grandchild (Girl) on the way.

Alissa's significant other is Will he has 2 boys Bodi is almost 7 years old and Tyler is 4 years old. They call me Grandma too.

Now do you see why I made this blog? It was necessary to keep up with the “Chisme” and not get confused, especially the new members' to our family either thru marriage or the new babies. Oh! I feel so sorry for them.

Even I get confused. Who am I? What am I? Some of my nieces and nephews who are younger than my grandchildern call me Grandma? What am I to my brother’s grandkids? Some of them don’t believe that I have a Mommy?

Happy Thanksgiving! B.A.F. (Big Ass Family) How do say that in Spanish? Oops! That might not be as funny I hope it dose not sound to vulgar. Somebody let me know.



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Que Chulo! con su Mohawk

Xabier Samuel LeDesma

He is now 3 months. He arrived August 1, 2007. He was a little sickee and had to be in the hospital for 8 days. But lucky he came home with a clean bill of health. Thank GOD and a special thanks to brother Robert who came to pray for him at Loma Linda Children Hospital and all the people from my church and Grandma's church who prayed for him also. Check out how cute he is now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hi Big Ass Family

Hi family,

Bear with me I just getting started. I'll have some fun pictures of all our events pretty soon O.K.